Shur Shot 120 Conversion

Converting a 116 Shur Shot to Use 120 Film!

[Before I get into it, let me just say that this was more of a proof-of-concept excercise than anything and that I probably would have rigged up something a little more permanent if I intended to shoot this camera more. Of course if it weren’t a gift I most likely wouldn’t have bought it in the first place, since I buy cameras primarily with the intent to use them and seeing that it was 116 not 120 I would have passed I think…! ]

Step One

You need two sawed-off 16D nail heads, about 3/8″ long each including the head. These are for spindles to fit in the ends of the 120 spool. Round the cut edges with a file. You also need four 1 1/4″ fender washers to act both as spacers and to fill out the difference in the spool ends. Note that two are thinner with small holes and two are slightly thicker with larger holes. The larger holes allow the nail heads to sit flush with the washer and spin if necessary. I took a 120 spool and the 116 spool to the hardware store to make sure it all matched up. Total expense: less than $1.

Shurshot Conversion 1

Step Two

You need to mask off the difference between the 116 film width and the 120 film width on the back of the ‘cone’ (so you can see the numbers on the negative etc.). I used foil tape, but basically only because I had some lying around…thicker would have been nicer but it’s working for now. You could also use electrical tape I suppose, but it might be less permanent. Size for these two strips was approximately 4 1/4″ long by 8mm wide each. I measured against the width of a regular 120 TLR film opening, which is 5.5cm.

Shurshot Conversion 2

Step Three

Installing the film. Just put the washers together with the nail heads and pop it all into place. It fits perfectly! (On mine, anyway…)

Shurshot Conversion 3

The wound film. I flipped the ‘wings’ down and snapped them into place for the square format (also figuring that the ‘wings’ would protect the foil tape.) Used the 116 spool as the takeup spool and will have to remember to ask for it back. Thats’ it! Now, the reg marks don’t line up properly but for extra credit you could drill a hole in the center of the back and remove and reglue one of the red window disks over the hole, then tape over the old hole. I’m not going to do that but you could let me know how that works….

Shurshot Conversion 4

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