Minolta LensesUm, as you might imagine, I have a LOT of lenses. In fact I’ve found ones I didn’t even know I had till I started reorganizing! The bulk of my lenses are of course accounted for on the camera pages, by virtue of being associated with — or permanently attached to — their respective cameras. This section is for those OTHER lenses, the ones I’ve picked up along the way to supplement the primary lenses on the various cameras that are capable of becoming systems, as well as the standouts that merit their own 15 minutes of fame.

I should start by saying that I don’t have any objective lens testing equpment. Ha ha! Wait, wait, I have to catch my breath after that one… But seriously, this is about my impressions of them through use and through pitting them against one another to see which performs better. I’ve sold several lenses and cameras that didn’t make the cut. What remain are the good image makers. I just don’t have the time or space for mediocre equipment.

I was going to sort them by mount but I realized that you can adapt most mounts to most other mounts if you care to, so it made more sense to group them by relative focal length. Adapters are presented by type, instead of individually, which frankly would have been simply too much work for too little info…

If you have information to add or would like to ask questions about these lenses, their use or care, or even just want to say ‘hey’, feel free to email me, I always enjoy hearing from you!

Lenses Sample Image Gallery

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