Konica Hexanon AR 35mm f2

Konica Hexanon 35mm 2.0

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I don’t remember acquiring this one either, it probably came with the same set that the 57mm 1.2 was in. Must have been one of my several anonymous or semi-anonymous gifts from over the years.

I shot a roll of Fuji with this lens around San Francisco, some at f8 & higher, some at f2, some on the EE setting (a little iffy when you’re using modern batteries, apparently). It’s very sharp stopped down and a little softer wide open and close up. I also shot a couple of comparisons with my Konica mount Sigma just for fun. Both are great, sharp lenses.


No repairs, but the focus barrel wiggles ever so slightly. I don’t see any set screws to tighten it with and don’t want to take it apart looking for other ways to tighten it up.

Special Notes

Such a close focuser it’s practically a macro.

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