Lenmar 2x Teleconverter Minolta MD

Lenmar MD 2x

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Doubler for Minolta MD in a brand I’d never heard of, but which gives very good results due largely to the multicoating. I don’t remember buying it, I think it came with my MD5 and its accessories. The doubler couples with the aperture pin by means of an arm on the side which gives it an unusual appearance. Great way to get extra performance out of your primes on the road!


Attach the converter to the camera, then the lens to the converter. To remove, do the reverse. It’s more difficult to take the 2x off the lens than to take the lens off the 2x. Besides the loss of two whole f-stops, the other thing to consider is that the handholding rule of thumb is to shoot at 1/focal-length as the slowest shutter speed, eg 1/60 if you’re handholding and shooting a normal 50mm lens. Add a 2x and your focal length becomes 100mm, suddenly you should be shooting at 1/125 or faster to avoid camera shake. Add the 2x to your 200mm and… get your travel tripod out!

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