Mir-38B f3.5 65mm

Mir 38B

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Smooth and sharp slightly wide lens for Pentacon 6 or Kiev 88 mount MF cameras. Mine is the Kiev 88 screw mount version but I use it with an Arax adapter on my Kiev 60. (The lens is available in both mounts though.) It’s the medium format equivalent of about a 45mm lens in 35mm format, so it doesn’t quite qualify as a wide angle. It’s more like a slightly wide normal lens, whereas the ‘normal’ Kiev lenses, 80/90mm, are more like a 55mm lens in 35mm format. One thing I noticed with repeated use though – the depth of field can be unexpectedly shallow, so focus carefully at middle distances and wider apertures.

BTW I highly recommend the adapter for anyone who’s looking for one — it’s two pieces, one is a replacement for your Kiev 60 lens locking ring (it comes off with a set screw) and the other is the piece that screws onto your lens and gets locked in as a P6 mount. The main difference seems to be that the replacement ring has slightly shallower tabs than the original, to allow clearance for the adapter and Kiev 88 mount lens. It also seems to lock the lens more tightly than the original, which is a good thing.


Was turning so stiffly in the far end of the focal range that it wanted to turn out of its mount. I couldn’t find any disassembly info so ended up dismantling it myself to investigate. It comes apart from the rear fairly straightforwardly. What I found was that there’s a guide bar attached to the inside of the lens housing a few layers down that keeps the internal section from turning as it moves in and out during focusing. In this case it was cockeyed, causing too much friction at the end of the range, and simply loosening the two screws that held the end down fixed the problem. Now the lens is nicely lubed and cleaned and ready to go.

Special Notes

The aperture preview levers built into these Arsenal-made Kiev mount lenses are notorious for being sources of flare and light leakage. On my Volna I glued some felt inside the lever slot; on this one someone stuck a piece of black gaffer tape over the slot that keeps light out but still allows movement. I recommend you do one or the other, some people go so far as to remove the lever altogether and block up the hole, I think that’s a little extreme.

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