Tamron BBAR f2.5 28mm Adaptall 2

Tamron 28mm BBAR

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Nicely constructed wide angle lens from Tamron in Adaptall 2 mount. For more info on Adaptall-2 see my Adaptall-2 page. The idea is basically that Tamron made mountless lenses that would accept “Adaptall Custom Mount” fittings that were camera-mount-specific. The adapter becomes functionally part of the lens and works basically as an OEM lens would, with a few caveats.

This little lens is sharp, has good color rendition, and also has a short turning radius for fast focusing. Tamron’s BBAR (broad Band Anti Reflection) multicoating is very nice. In addition, the lens is short, with good depth of field, and is lighweight as well. Possibly not as contrasty as I prefer though. Still, a great choice for a multi-camera kit with the proper adapters. Markings show that its near focus is 10″ but I verified with a ruler that it actually focuses down to 6″ even though it’s not labeled MACRO. I only have one or two lenses that focuses closer than that, it’s quite impressive.


As with all Adaptall-2 lenses, open up to maximum aperture prior to mounting or unmounting the adapter. Putting a 49mm filter on it allows you to use slip-on as well as clip-on adapters. Use a wide angle hood!

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