Vivitar Auto f2.8 35mm

Vivitar 35mm M42



Nice lens by Tokina for Vivitar. Unusual design, with a kind of greenish-purplish coloring to the glass that is very much like multicoating but it is not marked as such. Good sharpness and color rendition. Smooth focus. It was one of my very first ‘extra’ screw-mount lenses when I started making a kit out of my Yashica TL-Super. I also briefly had a Prorokinon zoom that was better than I expected but not good enough to keep in the long run. This one, I kept. I just forgot I had it, that’s all 😉


The only other thing I have to say about it is that it has kind of a long turning radius to get from one end of the focal range to the other, eg it’s a little slow to focus than some other lenses I’ve used. Other than that it’s a great user for screw mount cameras.

Special note

How do I know Tokina made this lens? Well, Vivitar’s MO was to design the lens and have other companies (usually in Japan) do the manufacturing. The serial number tells the story of the OEM. Wish I had this list for Sears OEMs! (Lifted from somewhere, I can’t remember where, possibly Medium Format Home)

(goes by 1st 2 digits of serial number)

6 Olympus
9 Cosina
13 Schneider Optik
22 Kino (aka Kiron)
25 Ozone Optical
28 Komine
32 Makinon
33 Asanuma
37 Tokina
42 Bauer
44 Perkin Elmer (US)
47 Chinon
51 Tokyo Trading
56 Kyoe Schoji
61 Samyang (?)
75 Hoya Optical
77 Kobori
81 Polar

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