Meters & Accessories

Leningrad 2 MeterUmm…where the HECK did I get all these light meters! They must be breeding in my accessory drawer when I’m not looking. Well, what’s left to do but give them their own page, the little glory hounds. Might as well add in some other miscellaneous whatnot so they have some company. So what we have now is a little area for accessories that didn’t get enough attention elsewhere.

As usual not the obvious choices, necessarily — for instance, how I could have acquired all of these meters and not have come by even one old guard Weston is beyond me. And you won’t find the latest Sekonic Flash Master, I just can’t afford that kind of gear. So enjoy the unsung heroes, the dark horses, the little troopers that take a licking and keep on ticking, as it were.

Oh right, and some other stuff too… like my little collection of flashes. Somehow those seem to multiply in the drawer as well.

If you have information to add or would like to ask questions about this stuff, their use or care, or even just want to say ‘hey’, feel free to email me, I always enjoy hearing from you!


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