Gossen Super Pilot Light Meter

Gossen Superpilot



It’s a light meter…


Set the film speed with the inner wheel, it shows in the little window. Point at your subject (don’t take in too much sky) and turn the wheel till the yellow arrow lines up with the needle. Your exposure then can be read across from the f-stop scale to the shutter speed scale. For incident readings, push the little white lever to the top, it rolls out a translucent white plastic cover that covers the photocell. Then you take your reading from the subject, pointing at the camera, instead of from the camera pointing at the subject.

Special Notes

The meter is affixed to the protective clamshell case with a screw lock. I understand that the threads on the meter also accepts some kind of adapter that allows you to put this meter in an accessory shoe. (Haven’t seen it myself but that’s what the manual implies.) If you take the meter out of the case you’ll find the zero point adjustment on the back of the meter.

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