Leningrad 2 Light Meter

Leningrad 2 Meter



Pretty little thing, very lightweight compared to the meter it most resembles, the GE PR-1. But where the PR-1 is a little metal masterpiece, the Leningrad is essentially a pretty plastic imitation, with painted plastic trim and dials that only look like quality. Gift from good friend Ken Smith who knew I had a collection of meters going, I think he got it as a freebie with one of the many Ukranian parcels that seem to keep showing up on our doorsteps (!) It looks like it would be a useful simple meter if it were at all accurate.


Set the film speed with the inner wheel, it shows in the little window. Use DIN or EV if you can’t figure out the GOST. Then point the meter at your subject and turn the outer wheel to match the needle when it stops. Read across the f-stops with the shutter speed to get your exposure.


Took it apart to see if there was anything I could do, it seems clean enough and the needle movement seems free enough, I guess it’s just poorly sealed against the moisture that eventually kills selenium meters….

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