Mini Softrelease

Mini Softrelease



Sounds like the title of an off-color spam email, and looks about as gimmicky, but the Mini Softrelease can quickly become essential equipment by virtue of its ability to make a good thing even better. It is simply a button that screws into the cable threads of your shutter release button, but what it does is allow you to fire the shutter with a feathertouch squeeze that eliminates much camera shake and makes your favorite camera more fun to use.

There are other brands but I’ve heard that Tom Abrams’ Softreleases are better made than most. The regular Softrelease has a larger pad but won’t work with some cameras that have the shutter release too close to the ASA dial or other knob(s). I got one more for curiosity and ended up leaving it permanently on my Konica T3, where it makes a great camera even better.

Softrelease Konica

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