Pentax AF160SA Flash

Pentax AF160SA


This is the first flash I ever bought! I got it in a package ‘deal’ with my Pentax P30t so I don’t remember how much it cost, it was definitely one of the cheapest options at the time, I know that. Maybe $20. Frankly it’s not much of a flash but I’ve gotten a lot of good use out of it. It does work with the P30t and similar cameras to do programmed AE.


Programmed AE mode (on P30t and similar cameras): set switch to Program, the lens to A and the shutter to the sync speed. Aperture will be automatically be determined by the distance to subject. Manual mode: set switch to Manu., the shutter to the sync speed, and the aperture according to the table on the back of the flash for your film speed and distance to subject. Has a test button.

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