Sekonic Auto Lumi Light Meter

Sekonic AutoLumi


It’s easy not to take this little guy seriously, it’s a tiny all-plastic job that looks like the prize from the bottom of a box of breakfast cereal. But it’s really a handy companion, so small and easy to use, you just have to love it. Simple match needle, no “on” button, not even a trap needle to keep your measurement, it just meters whatever you point it at until you close the case. Not much bigger than a film canister if you can believe that. Current equivalent is the L-158 which has a slightly wider f-stop range. I use mine all the time.


Set the film speed with the inner wheel, it shows in the little window. Point at your subject (don’t take in too much sky) and turn the wheel till the green circle goes over the red needle. Your exposure then can be read across from the f-stop scale to the shutter speed scale. It’s just that simple…

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