Sunpak Auto 101 Flash

Sunpak Auto 101


This little guy probably gets more usage than all my other flashes put together. Why? Simple. Built-in sync cord. I have so many old cameras that have a sync port and no hot shoe that I’ve come to carry this flash with me whenever I have one of those cameras on board. The cord even has its own little storage groove, It’s quite cool. And the thing is small and lightweight and fits right into the pocket on my little Tamrac bag.


For auto mode slide aside the sensor cover on the front, set your shutter speed to the sync speed and the aperture as appropriate for your ASA according to the table on the back of the flash. For manual mode close the sensor cover and set your camera according to the table on the back based on your distance to subject. Frankly the auto operating range is just beyond what I’m actually likely to use the flash for, so I use it mainly in manual mode. With old rangefinders. Nuff said.

Wish I had more info on it. I think I’ve seen other generic versions of the same one branded either Kalimar or Cosina, Hanimex or something. Can’t remember. They’re out there.

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