Sverdlovsk-4 Light Meter



The unassuming Sverdlovsk-4 is a versatile little meter. Easy to read dials, easy to use, with built-in flip-out incident receptor. You hold the meter viewfinder up to your eye to frame and meter the scene. The upshot of this is that it’s essentially a poor man’s spot meter. Rather than taking in a wide swath of land and sky it meters only what you frame in the finder.


Set the film speed with the inner wheel, frame your scene in the viewfinder, then press the side button and turn the thumbwheel till the LED lights up or turns off. The incident attachment swivels and flips down to the back of the meter. Instructions (in Russian) are printed on the back as well.

Tips & Tricks

Originally took a now-obsolete 3.7v russian battery, now your best option is to tape a little stack of 1.5v SR44 silver cells together, then put a little spacer in there like a washer or something. To replace the battery unscrew the bottom thumbscrew where the strap ring is, and remove the metal plate.

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