Elikon 35CM

Elikon 35CM

  • Produced 1991-, Zenit-Vilejka (BeLOMO), Vilejka, Belarus
  • Film type 135 (35mm)
  • Picture size 24mm x 36mm
  • Weight
  • Lens Industar 95 1:2.8 38mm (4 elements in 4 groups)
  • Focal range 1m to infinity scale focus
  • Aperture settings A, 4, 5.6, 8, 11
  • Filter size n/a
  • Shutter leaf
  • Shutter speeds 1/8 to 1/500
  • Viewfinder telescopic with bright line frame
  • Exposure meter
  • Battery two AA for flash and ‘auto’ setting
  • ASA 25-400
  • pop-up built in flash
  • wind lever


Cheap copy of the Konica C35EF made in Belarus by Zenit-Vilejka, a subsidary of BelOMO (Belarus) in Vilejka, north of Minsk. Not a very remarkable camera, it’s a scale focus viewfinder compact with a pop-up flash. Sharp-looking coated lens however. Not quite as fun a user as the more solidly built Smena.


Completely blank roll! There’s either a problem with the film transport or more likely the shutter. Requires investigation.

I’m thinking about what I can do to make that battery door more reliable. A little dot of emery cloth glued to the tab perhaps?.

Tips & Tricks

Careful of that battery door, it’s tough to close and keep closed because it doesn’t really grip too well. This is the spot where the build quality really shows.

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