Photax Macro f3.5 37-105mm

Photax Zoom



Extremely well built zoom lens by unknown manufacturer Photax. Too heavy to carry around as a travel zoom, this makes a nice macro portrait zoom for studio work. The very large front element begs for a hood if not a protective UV filter. It’s a two touch zoom that focuses to about 5 feet before macro, then with the macro ring focuses down to less than 1 foot. Uh, maybe that makes it a three touch zoom?

One drawback I noticed recently is that it lacks the A-M switch that on many of my other M42 lenses have, meaning you can’t use it on other mounts with an adapter except at full aperture.


Zooms with one ring, focuses with another (thus ‘two touch’). Macro is achieved with a third ring that has a locking button you must press to activate the macro feature. Very old school.

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