Rikenon f1.4 55mm

Rikenon 14



One of the sharpest lenses that I have, it’s BIG GLASS you know, heavier than it looks but a beautiful image producer. Sadly, prone to flare if you don’t use a hood. (Of course that’s what you get with BIG GLASS)

I wouldn’t have noticed, maybe, but I did a portrait session where I got a little ahead of the strobes, and that series has a soft spot in the very center of each image from the flare. I use a hood now, even indoors with portrait sessions, at least with my short focal length lenses. Painful lesson!

I have another that’s labeled Auto Sears 1.4 that came with my trusty Sears TLS. Same lens, different name. Both very nice. Heavy metal construction, this was the early Takumar era, they’re similar in build to those metal-housed lenses.

Special Notes

I don’t know that Ricoh actually made their own lenses, but I’ve been impressed with every Ricoh-branded lens I’ve ever used. They were likely outsourced (like many others) to OEMs like Cosina.

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