Seikanon f3.5 28-80 Zoom MD

Seikanon MD 28-80

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Nondescript but solidly constructed zoom for Minolta MD with ‘unadvertised’ macro featured called ‘close focus’ on the lens barrel. Infrared curve marked as well. Actually a very nice performer and an excellent bargain.

I don’t know which company manufactured Seikanon lenses but the lens was manufactured in Japan. Looks to be late 1970s or early 1980s construction.

Special Notes

The 22 mark on the aperture scale is in green while the rest is in white. I suspsect this means something but I don’t know what. The macro marks are in somehwat standard blue, and the rest of the markings are in typical white and orange. I don’t see anything else in green that would indicate what this might mean.

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