Sigma Mini-Wide f2.8 28mm Konica

Sigma 28mm Konica



Unique design from Sigma, a company that prides itself on doing its own design and manufacturing at its plant in Aizu, Japan. Very well constructed, with nice multicoated glass and smooth focusing. Unbelievable near focus of about 4″, the closest of any lens I own! And that in a wide angle…

Bought in like new condition, perhaps NOS or a display model (no box), from a nameless camera store in New Jersey that I wouldn’t buy from again, the customer service was, shall we say, lacking. Or lame. Or just downright terrible…. At any rate the lens is very nice! It’s a tight fit on my older Autoreflex T for some reason, but fits very well on the newer TC. Must be some very subtle differences in the mounts between models and/or model years. Note that the TC is also the one that most easily and correctly fires the Adaptall-2 lenses.


Use in manual or EE mode, note that it locks in place with the EE setting and you must press a release button to re-enter manual aperture mode. Definitely use a hood, the front element protrudes in a way that makes me think it wants to grab as much extra reflection as possible. I don’t know that it does, the funky multicoating is probably outstanding, but it’s probably a good idea anyway.

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