CIP Auxiliary Rangefinder

CIP Rangefinder


German made auxiliary rangefinder labeled CIP, probably a rebranded import based on the way it points out in English that it was “made in Germany”. Very much the same as the Telex I have. Usage: you look in the rear window and turn the wheel to line up the double-images and achieve focus, then transfer the distance on the wheel to your camera’s focus scale. Nice feature: distance scale in both feet and meters, makes it easier to go between cameras that might have their own scales in either increment.

Seems a little cheaply made compared with the others I’ve seen, but it does have very prominent adjustment screws.

CIP Rangefinder back

There are many different types out there, some common (Ideal), some obscure (Prazisa). Some measure in feet, some in meters, look for what suits your needs. I’ve seen metal ones, bakelite ones, ones with a built-in selenium light meter, ones with accessory shoe mounts, ones with pocket clips, ones with nice little leather cases that fit on a shoulder bag or camera strap. Most of them seem to be of German or American make, save the Prazi and the Russian BLIK.

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