Sekonic Auto-Leader L-99 Light Meter

Sekonic Autoleader 99


This handsome little gadget is a bit more complicated than the similarly-spec’ed Auto Lumi, but with the addition of a Cine (movie) metering scale. The Auto-Leader has three ranges of sensitivity, listed by the manual as ‘bright, dull, and dim’. For the first, ‘bright’ range, you meter with the door shut, the light is read through the slit in the door and the range is indicated by the red symbol on the scale. Flip the door open to meter in the ‘dull’ range (indicated by the blue symbol of the meter on the scale). In dim light you additionally flip open the auxiliary cell, indicated by the black pictogram on the scale.


Set the film speed with the inner wheel, it shows in the little window. Point at your subject (don’t take in too much sky) and turn the wheel till the green circle goes over the red needle. Your exposure then can be read across from the f-stop scale to the shutter speed scale.

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