Nikon N2000

Nikon N2000

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Super-cool general purpose Nikon body, with built in winder that adds neither significant weight nor bulk. Four AAA batteries deliver a fast 2.5FPS. Four program modes (two Programmed auto, Aperture-priority, and Manual) make this functionally equivalent to a point and shoot SLR, minus the autofocus. Fits all AI and AIS Nikon mount lenses. Pictured here with my whopping Sigma AF 28-200 DL zoom, a great choice for AF bodies such as our often-used N6006 (unfortunately the built in flash casts shadows with this large lens). Very ruggedly built, it’s a great choice for tossing in a backpack and heading wherever the feet want to go. It was replaced a year later by the autofocusing N2020.

The manual says to set to P for ease of use, the second range of Programmed auto modes (P HI) is essentially a high speed mode for moving subjects or when using a telephoto. There is an exposure lock lever on the front of the camera that saves the exposure setting in all auto modes for purpose of setting exposure and recomposing.


Light seals will need replacing at some point.

Tips & Tricks

Film speed is set automatically when the film speed index is set to DX, or you may set film speed manually. Set the mode switch to L (Lock) before rewinding the film. Push the film rewind slider and the adjacent rewind button simultaneously to release the spool clutch, then rewind manually with the crank.

This camera also has a feature which I mistook for a fault at first – when you load new film in the camera, the first time you press the shutter it fires four times to wind the film on past the leader for you. Good to know!

Battery check is done on any setting but B by lightly pressing the shutter release and looking for a red LED on the right side of the viewfinder.There is a Nikon AA battery holder (MB-3) that will allow you to use 4 AA batteries instead of the smaller, lighter AAA batteries, the weight tradeoff gets you 3x the battery life. I haven’t noticed that battery life is a real problem with the AAAs though.

The manual lists lenses that ‘can’ be used with the N2000 and says anything not on the list should not be used. If you stick to AI and AI-S (including E lenses) you’ll be safe. It doesn’t say but I think AF lenses can be used if you stick to manual mode.

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