Camera Manuals

I’ve collected sooo many manuals for vintage cameras and accessories but they’re mostly in that pesky paper based physical form. Here are the ones I have gathered in electronic form, either as PDF or Zipped folders of images.

If you appreciate, reciprocate!

Repair Manuals

Kodak Guide to Restoring Antique Cameras
Mamiya MSX Service Manual
Minolta SRT Service Manual
Olympus XA Repair Manual
Pentax Spotmatic Service Manual
Synchro Compur Service Manual
Yashica Electro Shutter Service Manual
Yashica D Repair Manual
Yashica Mat 124g Assembly Manual

Instruction Manuals

Agfa Isolette II Manual
Agfa Synchro Box Manual
Ansco PB20 Plenax Manual
Argus C3 Lenses
Argus C4 Manual
Argus Matchmatic (Argus C3) Manual
Argus A Manual
Canonet 17/19 Manual
Canonlite D Manual
FED 2 Manual
GAF Memo 35EE Manual
GE PR 1 Manual
Holga Manual
Kodak 35 Manual
Kodak cameras timeline
Kodak Monitor Manual
Kodak Retina 1a Manual
Koncia Auto S3 Manual
Konica Auto S2 Manual
Konica C35FD Manual
Konica T3 Manual
Konica TC Manual
Konica T Manual
Minolta Auto Meter IVf Manual
Minolta Hi Matic 7s Manual
Minolta Hi Matic 9 Manual
Minolta Hi Matic 7sII Manual
Minolta srt101 Manual
Minolta srt200 Manual
Nikon n6006 Manual
Nikon n2000 Manual
Olympus OM 1 Manual
Olympus PC Manual
Olympus XA Manual
Olympus Trip Manual
Pentax AF 160Sa Flash Manual
Pentax K1000 Manual
Pentax Spotmatic II Manual
Petri 1.9 Manual
Petri Penta Manual
Photax Manual
Praktica LLC Manual
Sears KS winder Manual
Sekonic Autoleader Manual
Sekonic Autoleader ii Manual
Sverdlovsk 4 Manual (English version 2008)
Vivitar 2800 Flash Manual
Vivitar 283 Flash Manual
Vivitar 550fd Flash Manual
Voigtlander Vito BR Manual
Voigtlander Vito ii Manual
Walzflex Manual
Yashica GSN Manual
Yashica Pentamatic Manual
Yashica D Manual
Yashica Mat 124 Manual
Zenit 12xp Manual
Zeiss-Ikon Ikoflex 1c Manual